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  • 9th-13th April 2020 0

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Endurance Run

This event is considered an "Endurance Run" and as such it is not considered a competitive event but rather a life accomplishment. We will record finish times and award top finishers but the accomplishment of the participants in running it is in the experience of it, not how fast you can finish it. Therefore, the spirit of the event is captured in the journey, rather than in each participant's end result. For the most detailed information, please see our Runners manuals in the Download area.

Volunteers also get a good dose of adventure!

We would love to have your help!  Volunteers get some cool race swag! We make shirts for all our volunteers. We need help from April 1-19. The race is April 9-13, and we need the most help on race days. Email us at info@danishultra.com and please include: